Our funeral home takes care of all procedures so as to assist you in a difficult momen.


The funeral of a loved one is a very difficult and arduous experience for each and every one of us. At the end of the funeral service we would like to have the reassurance that we did everything possible to pay our respects with the dignity and honour our loved one deserved.

Our funeral home holds each ceremony with respect to the deceased as well as their family, always keeping in mind that we perform a service.

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Memorial services

According to our tradition, the memorial service is a very important religious mystery which needs to be scheduled in a complete and timely manner.

As per its social importance, the memorial service provides the opportunity for those friends and family not able to attend the funeral, to pay their respects to the memory of the deceased..

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The Proikas Chrisovalantis funeral home undertakes responsibly and respectfully all the necessary actions required for cremations. The cremation is done in the crematorium located in Sofia, Bulgaria where all the necessary infrastracture is available.

Also due to proximity and cost, the Sofia crematorium is the most advantageous choice.

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To repatriate a foreign or Greek citizen abroad or to repatriate a Greek citizen from abroad to Greece we'll need to follow processes that will allow a safe and fast passage through the Greek borders and customs.

In order to transport the deceased abroad, our funeral home will undertake all necessary actions.

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We can take up the exhumation of the deceased per the demand of their relatives.

Our funeral home provides:

  • Bone Chest
  • Sheet
  • Pllow Case
  • Wine
  • Trisagion by the Priest
  • .

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