Repatriations outside of Thessaloniki

After their death, many people wish to be burried in the place of their origin. Our funeral home can organise the transport and the funeral service with dignity and safety to every location in Greece.

Our offerings include:

  • Coffin and coffin set
  • Transport of the deceased to the home, viewing room or cold store
  • Preparation of the corps
  • Floral cross
  • Transport of the deceased with the hearse to the burrial place and stay until the service is complete
  • Further offerings. Decoration of the church, transport and deposit of the floral wreaths, decoration of the coffin.
Επαναπατρισμοί εντός Ελλάδας

To repatriate a foreign or Greek citizen abroad or to repatriate a Greek citizen from abroad to Greece we’ll need to follow processes that will allow a safe and fast passage through the Greek borders and customs. In order to transport the deceased abroad, our funeral home will undertake all necessary actions.

Our funeral home has great experience in repatriating to Russia, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and other countries always paying the appropriate respect to the deceased and local customs.

Repatriations aboard

Our services for repatriating aboard are:

  • Embalming by expert doctors
  • Embalming certificate
  • Translations of all documents to the required language.
  • All the bureaucratic processes required by officials.
  • Special coffin to transport the deceased.
  • All the necessary medication to preserve the corps
  • Transport of the corps to the airport and delivery to the cargo hall of the Airline.

Repatriations to Greece

Our home’s services include:

  • We receive the corps for the airport.
  • We transport the deceased to the cold store.
  • We take care of the burrial permission and the death certificate.
  • We arrange the time of the funeral
  • We print and place the funeral announcements.
  • We order and deliver the floral wreaths.
  • We decorate the church where the funeral service will be held.
  • We book the banquet hall where the coffee and/or the meal will be served.

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